University of Oregon

About DPT

The Department of Parking and Transportation is an auxiliary unit of Finance and Administration at the University of Oregon. State law mandates that parking and transportation services provided to our campus must be self supporting. Only revenue earned from parking permits, meters, events and citations can be used to pay for the parking and transportation system on our campus. No tax money and no tuition funds are used to pay for parking. Money collected from citations pays for the enforcement of our rules. Individuals who violate the rules are the people who fund our enforcement efforts through fines. Any surplus of funds is deposited into an account called the Parking Reserve Fund. That fund is earmarked for parking improvements and additions. The Department of Parking and Transportation is comprised of the following:

  • Director of Parking and Transportation
  • Parking Maintenance
  • University Access Shuttle
  • Front Office Staff
  • Front Office Student Workers
  • Enforcement Staff