University of Oregon

Carpool Parking

A carpool is a group of three or more individuals who ride in one vehicle to the University of Oregon campus area. At least two people in the carpool must be faculty, staff, or students. The third person may work in the immediate surrounding campus area. A mixed carpool of faculty, staff, and students will be assigned the appropriate permit based upon the majority in the carpool. Each person in the carpool must own a vehicle. Carpool parking permits are less expensive per person than single occupancy vehicle permits. For the latest permit pricing information, see the permit prices page.

Reserved Carpool Parking

A carpool interested in obtaining a reserved parking space should also fill out a reserved space application, and a space may be allotted for an additional fee. Carpool Reserved Parking Spaces will be reserved from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.