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Citation Appeal

This is an application to appeal a University of Oregon parking citation. The attached information must provide factual information and documentation related to your belief that a citation should be appealed. The Department of Parking and Transportation makes every effort to regulate parking according to well-defined, specific regulations but understands that under some circumstances you may have sound reasons for appealing a citation. However, an individual’s unhappiness about receiving a parking citation is not a sufficient reason for requesting an appeal or for dismissing a citation.

Appeal Criteria

Before you file a petition for appeal, check and make sure your circumstance meets one of the criteria listed below:

  1. You have significant documentation the parking violation was not committed.
  2. Though the violation was committed, you have significant documentation it occurred due to circumstances out of your control.
  3. The violation occurred under circumstances in which you believed you were not committing a violation, and where persons under similar circumstances would have acted in the same manner.

Note: On the Citation Petition Appeal form you will have to select one of the options above. Lack of parking spaces or being parked for a short period of time are not eligible circumstances for appeal.

How to Appeal a Citation

  1. The written appeal must be submitted by the person responsible for parking the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.
  2. The appeal must meet one of the criteria listed above.
  3. The statement and all relevant information must be submitted together within 10 days of the citation issuance. All relevant information and documentation supporting the appeal must be submitted with the Citation Petition Appeal form.  Information and documentation may include:
    1. Signed statements of witnesses who possess personal knowledge relevant to the citation.
    2. Photographs, diagrams, a physician’s statement, or other medical information or invoices and repair bills.
  4. Information and documentation submitted after the filing of the appeal form will not be considered unless it is demonstrated clearly that it could not be obtained and submitted within the time.
  5. Complete the Citation Petition Appeal form, including the Petitioner’s Statement.
Personal Information

Please be aware your appeal results will be sent to you via the email address you have provided. It is the responsibility of the petitioner to actively check both their inbox and "junk" inbox for petition results.

Vehicle Information

If different from the person listed above.

Citation Information

Citations must be appealed within 10 days of issue date. If this date does not match the date on your citation, your appeal WILL NOT be reviewed.

Citations must be appealed within 10 days of issue date.

Petitioner Statement

Optional photo evidence attachment. 4096KB maximum file size. JPG file type only.

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You may attach an optional witness statement here.

By checking this box you are signing that this statement is true to the best of your belief.

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If your submission is successful, you will be taken to a confirmation page and a confirmation email with a copy of your appeal will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, contact our office immediately at or 541-346-5444.