University of Oregon

Driver Certification

Only persons with a valid driver's license and university driver certification card will be authorized to drive a motor vehicle for university business purposes. The driver certification process is governed by Oregon Administrative Rules (571-010-0110) and applies to state-owned vehicles and hired or borrowed vehicles used on university business travel. Requests for certification may be made by authorized department personnel. The forms are available from the Department of Parking and Transportation or by using the Driver Certification Request online form.

Upon receipt of the form, the Department of Parking and Transportation requires up to two weeks process time. The driver certification card or a letter of denial will be sent through campus mail to the requesting department. 

Van Driver Certification:

This is a required online course for anyone driving ANY van (owned, rented, or borrowed) for University sanctioned travel. Van training is a one-time certification that is valid indefinitely.

Van Training: Is provided online at Note: Anyone who has already attended van training and received certification will not have to take the online training unless it is required by their department. A University of Oregon driver certification card is required to drive a van but not required to take the online course.

Qualifications: No person convicted in the past five years of a major traffic offense (as defined in ORS 153.500) or a number of offenses that total 35 or more points as defined in the University of Oregon Driving Record Evaluation Scale (see OAR 571-010-0120) shall be permitted to drive for institution-approved business. The driver is required to report any citations issued or changes in status of his or her Oregon driver's license to the appropriate University supervisor before driving a university vehicle. According to the severity of the citation, points are counted against the applicant's driving record, and may affect his or her eligibility to drive a state-owned vehicle.

University of Oregon Vehicle Operation Rules

Driving Record Evaluation Scale A total of 35 points in the past three years disqualifies a faculty/staff driver from operating state vehicles or carrying passengers in privately owned vehicles for University business. Students with two or more moving violations in the past year are disqualified from operating state vehicles. Driver records are obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, and points are awarded on the type of driving offense cited.

  • Class A Offenses (rated at 35 points for each offense during the first five years after citation): Using a vehicle to commit a crime.
  • Class B Offenses (rated for first year at 35 points, second year at 20 points, and third through fifth years at 10 points): Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving while license is suspended or revoked, attempting to elude a police officer, failure to perform a driver's duty, hit and run, negligent homicide, or manslaughter.
  • Class C Offenses (rated for first year at 15 points, second year at 10 points, and third through fifth years at 5 points): Careless driving, crossing a double line, cutting in, driving on a sidewalk, driving while encumbered, driving on wrong side of a highway, driving in a public park, failure to drive on the right side of the road, failure to leave name/address at an accident, failure to maintain reasonable control, failure to stop for a school bus, failure to yield right of way, failure to yield to a pedestrian, following too closely, illegal turn, improper lane change, improper left turn, improper passing, improper reverse turn, improper right turn, negligent driving, no headlights or driving without lights, insufficient clearance, reckless driving, right turn from wrong lane, squirreling, and violating the basic rule.
  • Class D Offenses (rated for first year at 10 points, second year at 5 points, and third through fifth years at 3 points): Disregarding a red light, disregarding a stop sign, disregarding a traffic sign, failure to stop at a railroad crossing, failure to obey a traffic control device, or wrong way on a one-way street.

License Status Change All university certified drivers are required to report any license status change to the Department of Parking and Transportation, in accordance to Oregon Administrative Rule 571-010-0110. Prior to certification, all drivers must pass a qualification criterion. The criterion includes reviewing the driving record of the potential driver. A license status change is any change occurring to a driving record once a driver is university certified. Receiving a new citation, having your license suspended or revoked, getting a new license, are examples of license status changes. To report a license status change, use the online form or report the change by contacting our office.