University of Oregon
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Driver Certification Request

All persons using a vehicle, whether state issued, hired, or borrowed, for University business must obtain Driver Certification. To obtain Driver Certification:

  1. Authorized department personnel fill out the online Driver Certification Request form provided below.  You MAY NOT request your own certification.

  2. Oregon DMV records are obtained by the Department of Parking and Transportation. Applicants with out-of-state licenses must obtain a 5 year DMV record from the state the license was issued.

  3. Out of state DMV records are mailed to the Department of Parking and Transportation at ATT: Driver Certification 1401 Walnut St. Eugene, OR 97403

  4. Once the Department of Parking and Transportation receives both the online form and the DMV record, a Driver Certification card or rejection notice will be issued. Driver Certification cards are typically issued within 2 weeks.

Van Driver Certification:

This is a required online course for anyone driving ANY van (owned, rented, or borrowed) for University sanctioned travel. Van training is a one-time certification that is valid indefinitely.

Van Training: Is provided online at Note: Anyone who has already attended van training and received certification will not have to take the online training unless it is required by their department. A University of Oregon driver certification card is required to drive a van but not required to take the online course.

State Motor Pool
To rent vehicles from the state motor pool contact motor pool at (541) 346-2000 or visit their website at To rent vehicles from the motor pool, requestor and driver are required to be Driver Certified.