E-Scooter Policy

In response to nationwide trends showing electric scooter safety and liability issues, the University of Oregon has proactively put a temporary ban on rented electric scooters from campus property. The temporary, emergency policy went into effect November 6, 2018 and lasts through April 30, 2019. Any third party-owned electric scooter found on UO property will be impounded and a fee charged to the owning company. People operating this type of scooter would be directed to take the scooter off campus property.

This policy does not apply to electric scooters owned by the operator. The policy also does not affect bicycles of any kind, non-motorized scooters, or electric scooters used to assist people with mobility restrictions.

During the time that this policy is in place, the university will thoughtfully plan how rented, electric or motorized scooters might be included into the campus transportation system, while avoiding the safety and environmental problems that have plagued other communities and colleges.

For more information about the policy, or to provide comments, contact Transportation Services at parking@uoregon.edu or 541-346-5444.