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What is the best browser in which to view this website? The latest versions of Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, or Mozilla (recommended) are ideal for browsing the Department of Parking and Transportation website. These browsers provide adequate security features for filing secure online forms. If you seek further information on Department of Parking and Transportation website security, see the disclaimers page.

How do I find what I am looking for? Try the Search command in the upper right corner of the website. If you are having trouble getting the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Parking and Transportation via phone, 541-346-5444, or e-mail,


I want this ticket to be waived, is there anyone I can talk to? You always have the option to contest a parking ticket. To do so, you can fill out our online petition within 10 days of receiving the citation. The petition will go to our Citation Appeals Coordinator. We will put a hold on the citation so it will not double after 30 days. You will receive a response in 7 to 10 days. The Department of Parking and Transportation staff do not have the authority to waive parking citations.

This citation isn't mine, why was I billed for it? There are some rare situations in which a citation is billed to a campus community member in error. If you suspect that this has occurred, please contact the Department of Parking and Transportation front office at 541-346-5444. 

What forms of payment do you take? We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard for most transactions. Additionally, employee and student  parking permits may be paid with payroll deduction or student account billing.

Can I make a payment over the phone or online? Yes. We can accept Visa or MasterCard over the phone or through our website payment system at

Where do I pay? The Department of Parking and Transportation is located at 1401 Walnut Street Eugene, OR 97403.


My car's broken down, what do I do? Call 541-346-2919 and report the incident. A UOPD Dispatcher will assist you in getting the vehicle moved to a secure location. The Department of Parking and Transportation does not allow inoperable vehicles to be left on university property.

My car's battery has died. Can you assist me? The Department of Parking and Transportation will assist in "jump starting" vehicles parked on campus, provided an employee is available and that the vehicle owner is the one requesting assistance.

I locked my keys in my car. Can you assist me? The Department of Parking and Transportation does not unlock cars or provide tools for unlocking. Please request roadside assistance through your car insurance provider or a tow company.


I have a visitor coming for the weekend. Where can they park? Day time visitors may park and pay hourly at the Columbia Garage, at parking meters, or in pay-to-park lots. Visitors may also purchase a visitor permit from the Department of Parking and Transportation. Day time visitor permits are $10.00 and valid in most campus lots 7am-6pm. Overnight visitor permits are $15.00 and valid in Lot 34E and Lot 54 from the date scratched off until 7am the next day.

How can I get a reserved parking space? University employees and students with temporary or permanent disabilities may be eligible for a reserved parking space free of charge with the purchase of a parking permit. Employees requiring a disabled reserved space must receive approval through the Office of Affirmative Action. Students requiring a disabled reserved space must receive approval through the Accessible Education Center. For an additional fee, employees, departments, and university affiliates may receive reserved spaces based on need.

I'm a GTF teaching a class. Can I get faculty parking? Graduate Teaching Fellows may receive a faculty parking permit if approval is given by the dean or department head and the GTF is the primary instructor of a class.

I need to park overnight for work reasons. What do I do? Overnight parking restrictions are enforced from 12am to 5am. Faculty/Staff permit holders may park in university parking lots during that time, on an occasional basis, while conducting university business. Staff members whose primary shift is during overnight hours may purchase a Twilight Permit which is valid from 3pm to 7am. Students working overnight will have to make alternative arrangements.

My company is working on campus. What sort of parking arrangements can we make? Commercial vendors and contractors doing business on campus may purchase commercial daily or monthly permits. These permits are valid in open, unmarked spaces in University lots, and also valid in service vehicle spaces.

Is it okay to park at a broken meter? I put money in and it didn't register time. Parking is not permitted at broken meters. If the meter device detects an internal failure, a flashing circled P with a slash through it will be displayed. This is the international symbol for NO PARKING.

If I buy a parking permit, but then decide I would rather ride my bike or ride the bus, can I get a refund? Yes. If you return the permit to Department of Parking and Transportation with 10 days of purchase, you can get 100% of your purchase price back. After 10 business days, you will be refunded for unused terms.

How are parking funds spent? State law mandates that parking and transportation services provided to our campus must be self-supporting. The revenue earned from parking permits, meters, events and citations is used to pay for the parking and transportation system on our campus. No tax money or tuition funds are used to pay for parking.

What if I lose my permit? Notify the Department of Parking and Transportation immediately so the permit can be flagged as lost.There is a $35.00 replacement fee for a new parking permit.


Do I have to register my bicycle? Yes, bicycles on campus must be registered. Bicycle registration is free and can help assist with the recovery of a missing or stolen bicycle. Bicycle registration cards and decals are available at the Department of Parking and Transportation and the University of Oregon Outdoor Program Barn.