University of Oregon


State law mandates that the Department of Parking and Transportation on our campus must be self-supporting. Only revenue earned from parking permits, meters, events and citations can be used to pay for the parking and transportation system on our campus. No tax money nor tuition funds are used to pay for this program.
Funds generated by Parking and Transportation support: 

  • The bond payments

  • The LTD Ridership program for U of O faculty, staff and students

  • Bicycle parking facilities and route improvements

  • Labor costs of staff and student employees who are involved in managing all the facets of the program

  • All areas of parking lot care and maintenance, from filling a pothole to sweeping up the trash, pruning the bushes and repainting traffic lines

  • Normal supplies, equipment, printing, and copying costs

  • Fees we have to pay, like Storm Water Run-Off and programs like the City of Eugene Meter Override system

  • Materials and equipment such as new meter mechanisms, new signs, as well as replacements for vandalized and/or stolen signs and equipment

  • Property for new parking spaces

Any surplus of funds goes into an account called the Parking Reserve Fund, which is earmarked for parking improvements and additions.